We are building a heritage that makes sense.

BatiConsult’s mission is to build high quality residences, corporate sites and family homes at reasonable conditions.

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Real estate developer in Luxembourg since 1990.

BatiConsult is a real estate development agency that provides advice and information tailored to the specific needs of each clientand we are committed to their satisfaction and meeting their expectations.

We ensure the security of our clients’ investment by striving to moderate fluctuations related to the real estate market as well as variations in construction costs.

From the permit application to the final delivery of the property, we have all the skills and knowledge, both technical and regulatory, to build quality, livable properties.

The building lots we offer are chosen based on their location and their ability to accommodate quality building or family home construction projects.

The desire to achieve a high level of excellence and satisfaction is the characteristic that distinguishes BatiConsult, as evidenced by the testimonials of our customers upon delivery of each new project.

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Residences, corporate sites and family homes, we have already completed over 30 projects.



Residences and apartments pleasant to live in are regularly available in our agency.

“One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again.”

Renzo Piano


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